Photo taken by: Megan Cameron

About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Lionel Migrino and I'm a photographer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’m just an ordinary guy living with a disability called Cerebral Palsy. I do not solely define myself as a person with a disability because I live my life without any limitations. My goal is to show people that your obstacles should not stop you from going on adventures and chasing your dreams. I’m excited to continue growing as a photographer and breaking barriers.

My Photography

I was first introduced to photography 4 years ago while I was modelling for some of my photographer friends. I was fascinated by how they used their cameras and communicated with their models to get the perfect shot. From that point on, I knew I wanted to try photography myself and so I bought my first camera (a Nikon B500 to be exact) and gave it a shot! I initially saw photography as an opportunity to hang out with friends, but soon after I quickly fell in love with it. I love photography because it allows people to connect with one another and every photo taken has its own story to tell.

 My passion is to create content for different individuals and businesses. I love to capture the various lifestyles of individuals and the unique stories of multiple different brands. My mission is to help promote a strong sense of inclusivity in our community through photography.


Photo taken by: Floyd Gonzales

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